Freight services

Air Freight

For your time-sensitive consignments, Kenfreight provides door to door services with delivery to destination on the same day or next day.

Ocean Freight

Whether it is containerized, special equipment or hazardous cargo, Kenfreight is equipped with the tools, knowledge and a shipping line network to handle it on your behalf. An integrated tracking service, will provide you with Custom-tailored daily email reports to inform your planning.

Road Transport

Our own fleet of trucks backed by dedicated trucking subcontractors will efficiently handle the land leg of the journey of your goods. With the latest tracking and communication technology, we ensure the security and timely delivery of your cargo.

Special Operations

Special Freight Solutions

With over 17 offices and 300 employees, we offer the following Special Freight solutions:

  • Reefer, perishable & temperature –controlled cargo
  • Oil & Gas Project department
  • Out of gauge and heavy equipment handling
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation

KENFREIGHT E.A. Ltd has throughout the years handled a considerable number of commercial / industrial and relief projects. The challenges range from large volumes, out of gauge packages to hard access destinations –or all of this at once! Using our regional and worldwide network and partners, we can go one step further and offer specialized shipping / vessel chartering plus destination services like offloading / positioning / local clearance.

Temperature controlled cargo

Reefer containers provide a temperature-controlled environment in which frozen and fresh goods can be maintained at a constant temperature, from -20 C to +20 C. Handling and delivering such cargo requires a special skill set and experience, especially in tropical Africa with high temperatures posing a higher risk and the lack of infrastructure / bad roads making it extra challenging.

Kenfreight and its partners (both locally and overseas) are able to handle to/from any worldwide location reefer services in and out of East Africa. Current examples are fish exports, frozen meat import/export and UN troop food rations, all the way into far-off areas in South Sudan and DRC, delivered at the exact required temperature setting.

Logistics related to the Oil & Gas industry; finished Petroleum products/Lubricants

Kenya is a regional hub for the importation and distribution of fuel products to the region with its well-equipped oil terminal as well as its pipeline infrastructure. Main products being traded are AGO (diesel), PMS (Petrol), Jet 1 (Aviation Fuel), LPG as well as related products.

Kenfreight EA has been serving this industry for many years and has set up teams in all the key areas: Mombasa oil terminal, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Eldoret terminals as well as dedicated OIL & Gas teams at Malaba and Busia borders.

With extensive knowledge of this industry’s hazards, product behavior and technical customs regulations (refund, re-export…) we are best placed to serve all major industry giants. AEO certification for Kenya was obtained in June 2013 which will help move our position in this business forward.

From 2012 onwards, we have been focusing as well on the upstream activities going on in Kenya and we have started serving exploration companies already by providing them a fast and dedicated service to meet the response time they require for their high-speed operations.

Warehousing, Depot & Container Terminal Operations

Kenfreight is an ICD operator in Uganda

Kenfreight is an ICD operator in Uganda which means all customs clearance can be efficiently effected there under customs control. This gives clients much more flexibility and speeds up the delivery time for their containers. Our ICD offers a dedicated rail siding, warehouse, 2 reach stackers and ample space for our clients’ needs both on import, export and transit cargo.

Bonded warehousing

Bonded Warehousing services are provided on request subject to conformity to the customs restrictions. A list of warehoused goods will be provided on request.

Free warehousing

Warehousing/storage services are provided for local cargo where duty is fully paid, pending delivery as may be required.

Inland container terminal operators

Kenfreight Uganda has developed an ICD which means all customs clearance can be effected here under customs control. This gives clients much more flexibility and speeds up the delivery time for their containers. Our ICD offers a first class container storage yard with heavy lifting equipment as well as warehouses for free and customs controlled cargo.

International Forwarding & Custom Clearance

We have teams of qualified and experienced staff at all major entry/exit points, ports, airport and borders. Our network allows us to offer destination clearance in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Eastern DRC.

We offer all clearing services: temporary import, exempted cargo, re-export, import under bond, export under drawback etc. Our declaration experts guide our customers on how to prepare their documentation and what to expect in terms of customs requirements.

With our AEO certification, an accreditation for our high standard and integrity, importers/exporters who have the same accreditation enjoy faster clearance and preferential customs clearance.