Kenfreight Group – COVID-19 Advisory

Kenfreight is implementing the COVID-19 safety recommendations issued by all East African Governments.

These recommendations are updated frequently, almost on a daily basis and we will keep our clients informed of any changes affecting our service delivery.

Government entities have reduced their staff, hence there are possible delays in clearance and border crossings within East Africa. Delays are on account of cargo, however we strive to avoid delayed clearance as much as possible.

Kenfreight Group, in an attempt to safeguard our clients and staff in the context of the pandemic has implemented the following additional measures:

  • Provided hand sanitizers at every entry and in all company vehicles.
  • Ensured that the trucks water tank has clean water and each truck driver provided with soap and hand sanitizers.
  • Adopted partial employee remote work structure alternating with full time office work to keep operations running while assisting the staff to follow social distancing guidelines.
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