After a few successful shipments were executed with a reliable partner, Kenfreight laid out the ground work for expanding into Somalia with a first extended work visit to Mogadishu by the GM for Kenya and South Sudan.

A much improved security situation

The general security situation is much improved from last year though the presence of armored vehicles everywhere and bomb shelters in most camps, indicates you always have to be prepared for a quick turn of events. This is very similar to South Sudan just after the peace agreement.

Having the right local contacts and experience in conflict zones is the key here and Kenfreight already can bring those into Somalia. Not being afraid from difficult jobs in difficult circumstances, is another key strength of our group.

Refurbishment of transportation & logistics infrastructure is getting into gear

Mogadishu Airport Aden Abdulle

The port of Mogadishu has been recently refurbished and has about 6 berths with a draft around 9-10m. Current regular lines serving Mogadishu port are Alpha (from Mombasa), MSC and CMA-CGM and others are planning a regular service. The Aden Abdulle airport is brand new and has modern facilities including a cargo handling section.

Both the airport and the port have been built/refurbished with help of the Turkish government, as such there is a sizable amount of Turkish influence.

Apart from Mogadishu, there are also secondary ports/airports in Somalia like Kismayo. Around the airport, the AU (African Union) and AMISOM camp has been built and fully enclosed, this is what is being referred to as the “green zone” and holds most international companies and expatriates.

Imports into here is usually peacekeeping equipment, prefab housing, foodstuffs, fuel and construction equipment.

Most cargo coming into Somalia is evidently for NGOs and United Nations under exemption letters granted by the government. Clearance of these is usually very fast, within a few days.

Commercial business is picking up

Commercial business has started picking up in Somalia and a customs tariff and declaration/verification system is already in place. Cargo can also get delivered within a few days under this regime after payment of duties to the bank.

So despite the economy being very much in its infancy, efforts are being done to keep importation streamlined and effective. Most cargo gets delivered into Mogadishu town though onward delivery to places like Baidoa is possible under AU (African Union) escort.

Kenfreight now effectively offering door to door services from/to Somalia and the rest of the world

With local partner Alpha, Kenfreight can already offer all these services and deliveries, as well as local logistics like craneage, yard storage etc. Coupled with our overseas partners, we are now effectively offering door to door services from/to Somalia and the rest of the world, including deliveries’ originating from within East Africa.

We encourage our clients to consider options of services into Somalia and not be taken aback by the reputation of instability.

With strong local knowledge and our solution-focused operations, we can help guide you in the process to be part of Somalia’s reconstruction.

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