KPA NOTICE – no more nomination of freight containers to CFSs

KPA NOTICE – no more nomination of freight containers to CFSs

Attached notice has stopped from 1st December onwards all client nominations for local containers to Kenya. KPA will decide the point of clearance according to a ratio they are yet to advise. This is similar to what happened before with South Sudan cargo where KPA took away the clients/shippers power to nominate a CFS earlier in the year and has now been extended to all Kenya-bound containers.

This is a major shake-up of how clearance will occur as there will be no more incentive to CFS to give additional storage days since this will not result in more volumes. Therefore we should assume all local containers will only have 4 free calendar days before storage will start accruing.

Though we expect this measure to be contested, right now this is the rule and we are requesting our clients:

To please ship Kenya-bound containers in smaller lots where possible and avoid large lots at a go which result in slower transfer and higher risk of increasing storage costs

To be understanding that in many cases, storage is expected to be incurred despite our best efforts as 4 calendar days is very little to conclude all procedures (especially for cargo under exemption)

To be understanding that speed of transfer port to CFS and speed of clearance will vary amongst the various CFS, depending on their infrastructure, distance from port, service approach etc.

Any quotations / arrangements in place with additional free-time arranged by us (for local cargo this was with Consolbase CFS) will no longer be in force. We assume from the notice transit cargo (except South Sudan) and bulk/loose/vehicles can still be nominated, however we will try to confirm this to be sure.


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