Weigh bridges clamp down on trucks

Weigh bridges clamp down on trucks

Dear customers and stakeholders,

Note that the High Court has ruled all trucks to be weighed per axle and any overweight axle leads to an offense, contrary to the previous loading per vehicle gross weight which allowed for cargo unevenness and shifting.

At the moment there are huge queues at the weigh bridges (see article) and some transporters associations like KTA have gone on strike (see notice of KTA). This is causing delays in cargo delivery.

What is going to happen in the short term is not clear. Transporters have valid points in that sometimes containers are unevenly packed and by customs ruling they are not allowed to open containers and repack items like that. Bulk cargo in itself also moves. Bad roads also cause shifting of cargo. Weigh bridges are not always properly calibrated. In our view the government has to allow some understanding on this matter to avoid movement of commodities and heavy goods to come to a complete stop and increase the cost of importing these by a substantial factors.

One thing is for sure: we will need all shippers to exercise more caution on the weight of containers and the equal spread of that weight within a container.

Indicative maximum gross cargo weights still stand at 23MT per 20’ and 26MT per 40’ however it might be required to revise this downwards to allow for the per axle variances.


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